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Microblading is a form of semi permanent makeup also known as eyebrow embroidery, micro stroking, feather touch or micropigmentation. Unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing which is performed using a machine, microblading is done with a manual, handheld tool with attached needles that are fused together in a linear grouping. These very fine needles deposit pigment into the epidermis, replicating hair by following the natural growth of your hair, giving you a flawless, fuller brow.




Microblading can last anywhere from 10 months to 3 years depending on your skin type, activities and aftercare. Oilier clients may not hold onto the pigment as well. Everyone will respond to the procedure differently, we cannot guarantee your results.



In most cases we can discuss this at your first appointment. If you would feel more comfortable you may send me a photo of your brows prior to the appointment and we may discuss your questions/concerns. You may show us a photo of how you fill them in that way we can see what you like, but also assess what needs work and what does not need work along with your skin’s undertone. We will draw a shape onto your brows and we will choose the color together before the procedure starts. If needed, we will clean up the brows outside of the outline we choose however, if you normally get them waxed, threaded, etc, please do so before your appointment.




When you leave your appointment, your brows will look very bold and MUCH darker than they will end up. Throughout the week the color will fade drastically. Some customers may like that, while others prefer a more bold, structured look. It may appear at times that the pigment vanished-be patient. You may heal "spotty" the first time. The second appointment we assess the color, re-evaluate how your skin is reacting to the pigment and make any changes necessary. Additional touch up appointments may be necessary for customers with very oily skin, problematic skin, darker pigmentation or customers that did not follow after care procedures correctly (see "after care"). Microblading requires a minimum of two appointments.




Appointments can be made through the online booking system on this website. Or simply by using the contact info on this website. (phone-email-social media)




Cash , Venmo, Zelle, Credit Cards.



We only work on previosuly tattooed or microbladed brows case by case. A clear photo must be sent to the email or a consultation must be booked in order to approve and take you as a client (sometimes removal may be done before any other technique can be done ) 



Microblading is soft and very natural once healed. For some that is perfect, but some clients want a bit more. If you want a bolder look, oily or problimatic skin, a powder brow may be for you! These things call be discussed at your appointment!



A combo brow is either a combination of microblading and manual shading or microblading with the machine added as well!



Pain varies from client to client. While some clients fall asleep others may feel parts of the procedure. We use top quality numbing to make the procedure as painless as possible!

  • Do not wear makeup to your appointment, if you HAVE TO, wear minimal makeup. You may fill your brows in if you want me to see the look you normally go for.

  • If you have a pimple/blemish in brow area we must reschedule.

  • If you have an active cold sore we must reschedule.

  • You must stop taking any blood thinners 72 hours before the appointment. The more you bleed, the less the ink will penetrate the skin.

  • Discontinue vitamin e and fish oil the week of your appointment.

  • No caffeine or alcohol before your session.

  • If you use Botox, it is recommended that you come at least 2 weeks after your last appointment.

  • Cannot currently be taking accutane. (at least a year without use)

  • Cannot currently use Retin-A or retinol products (must discontinue weeks before)

  • It is recommended that you do not take any sun vacations for at least a week before or after for best results.

  • Do not use a tanning bed for 30 days before the procedure.

  • You cannot exercise the day of the appointment, and then from 7-10 days after.

  • Bring a valid ID.

  • A $50 to $100 Dollar non-refundable, non transferable retainer is required to book your appointment. This retainer is to ensure you are serious about your appointment as we are serious about this career. Your deposit will go toward the balance that is due the day of the procedure.

  • Deposits are non refundable and non-transferable (If you cancel your appointment, you forfeit your deposit, if you need to reschedule you will have to re-book)

  • If you no show, or do not give us notice when canceling, we will keep the deposit and if you want to reschedule you will need another deposit.

  • If you cancel your 2nd session we cannot guarantee we can get you back in in a timely manner, you may have to wait another month (or more) to get back in!

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late your appointment may be forfeited and you will have to re-book all over again. We do back to back appointments daily and in order to serve the volume of clients we have there are no exceptions for this.

  • Results may vary from client to client. Poor after care, or skin type may affect the look of your brows.

  • We cannot tattoo anyone that uses or has used Accutane within the past year or currently uses prescribed acne cream.

  • We cannot tattoo pregnant women.

  • We cannot tattoo anyone under the age of 18.

  • Do not use a tanning bed for a month before the procedure.

  • If you get Botox treatments, you should schedule your appointment at least 2 weeks after your most recent treatment.

  • Clients must avoid any blood thinning medication for 72 hours before procedure.

  • If you have a cold you must reschedule!

  • Every client will respond differently to the procedure. Results vary and are not guaranteed.


By booking an appointment you agree to these policies.





Your semi permanent makeup will look very dark and intense the first few days and will gradually lighten. There may be a point where you feel that it isn’t even there. Trust the process, a lot of people have pigment resurface weeks after!!! It takes a full 6-8 weeks to see how your skin resurfaces.

  • Some people prefer the “Bolder” look in the beginning. If that is you, keep in mind that for the second appointment, we can go darker.

  • Clean your eyebrows 2-3 hours after your appointment use antibacterial soap and then apply a thin layer of Aquaphor as needed (is better if they stay more on the dry side for a better healing)  the first 1 to 5 days.

  • Avoid makeup on/around eyebrow area for at least a week, preferably longer.

  • Do not use an exfoliator on your face.

  • Use gentle soap around your eyebrows. Cetaphil works great.

  • Do not pick the scabs!

  • Do not exercise or do any activity that will make you sweat a lot for at least a week.

  • Do not thread or wax the area.

  • Sun exposure can and will affect the semi permanent makeup.

  • Any changes necessary will be done at your follow up appointment. Your new brows are not complete until after the second appointment.

  • If you have a reaction to this service. contact a physician.

Lip Blush FAQs


What is Lip Blush?

This is not your traditional permanent lip tattoo. We like to keep it soft and natural but still vibrant enough you don't feel the need to wear lipstick.


Does it hurt?

Everyone is different. Each client will swell differently and will have a different pain threshold, but most say they experienced little to no pain. Numbing cream/gel is used prior and during the procedure.

How long does it last?

We estimate Lip Blush lasting around 3-5 years. Our lips exfoliate faster than almost any other place on our body so it can vary for each person.


How do I prepare for this appointment?

YOU MUST BE ON AN ANTI VIRAL MEDICATION (VALTREX) 3 DAYS PRIOR AND THE FOLLOWING DAYS AFTER(a 7 day supply) to prevent a coldsore/fever blister outbreak IF you are prone to them. Please consult with your doctor to obtain this prescription.

 If you are unable to obtain this medication you can take L-Lysine (over the counter) 1 week before set appointment and 1 week after. It is important to arrive to this appointment makeup can get a little messy.


How old do I have to be?

You must be 18 or older. No exceptions!


How long is the healing process?

The healing time is very minimal, up to a week at most. Over the first few days your lips will feel very dry/chapped and very dark in color, around the 3rd-4th day they will start peeling. This normally only last 1-2 days. After your lips have healed they will be lighter in color about 40% resulting in a gorgeous flush.


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